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At the Kiteboarding Pro Center Marsa Alam, est. in 2013. We are located directly at the Casa Mare Resort. Our neighbour is the Casa Blue Resort and we are just 15 minutes away from the Airport. Enjoy the perfect conditions of our super safe and sandy lagoon. As a Kiteboarding exclusive spot you can bring your own equipment and store it in one of our big Locker Boxes or you can also rent Equipment out of our huge Equipment Pool of around 70 Kites and 40 Boards.

If you are a Beginner you chose the perfect spot. We can offer you Beginners Courses as well as Advanced Training Lessons. All of our Lessons on the water are Private Lessons, which means there is just one Student with one Instructor at the same time.

We hope you will enjoy your stay and Ride With Us 
Kiteboarding Pro Center Marsa Alam



  • 1 Day (Beach use only): 14€
  • 1 Week: 70 €
  • 2 Weeks: 120€
  • 3 Weeks: 170€
  • 4 Weeks: 220€


  • 1 Hour Private Lesson (Water): 60€
  • 3 Hours Refresh-Course (3x 1h Water, Private Lessons): 160€
  • 3,5 Hours Beginners-Course (1,5h Beach + 2x 1h Water): 140€
  • 7 Hours Beginners-Course (3h Beach + 4x 1h Water): 280€
  • Kiteweek Beginners, 6 Days (7h Beginners-Course + 3Days Rental): 460€
  • Kiteweek Advanced, 6 Days (6h Refresh-Course + 3Days Rental): 490€



  • 1 Day: 25€
  • 1 Week: 120€
  • 2 Weeks: 200€
  • 3 Weeks: 260€


  • 1 Day: 60€
  • 1 Week: 240€
  • 2 Weeks: 380€
  • 3 Weeks: 540€


  • 1/2 Day: 60€
  • 1 Day: 80€
  • 1 Week: 350€
  • 2 Weeks: 540€
  • 3 Weeks: 650€
  • 5 out of 7 Days: 300€
  • 7 out of 14 Days: 420€
  • (every additional day +60€)



Do i need a Reservation?

Yes, please. We would recommend to make a reservation via our „Contact“ form. Especially if you need services like Courses, Lessons or Rental Equipment please reserve your selected service around 2 weeks before your arrival. The reservation is for free and unbinding but it confirms your service and it helps us to organize everything for you. So we are able provide enough instructors and enough equipment for you.

How can i pay?

Best way to pay here is in Euros cash. You can also pay with Credit Cards like Visa or Mastercard. Just be aware that there could possibly be charged additional fees by your bank.


All of our water lessions are private lessons. We always work with 1 instructor per student. Maximum learning curve guaranteed


If you want to rent Equipment please bring your Kiteboarding license with a minimum of VDWS Level 4-5. Which means that you can ride both sides, relaunch, body drag, launching and landing. We do not rent to beginners. Safety first. If you are not sure if you are safe enough, we can also offer you a private check lesson with one of our instructors for 50€. If you want to rent equipment only, please bring your own wetsuit as it is not included.

What Wetsuit do i need to bring when i come with my own Stuff?

In spring and fall a shorty is enough. In winter times it is good to bring minimum a 3mm foll body suit. In summer do not forget to bring good sun protection as lycras, sun screen and sunglasses.

If i bring my own Equipment do i have to pay for using the beach?

Yes, because the Kitebeach is a private beach and Kiteboarding is not included in the Hotel „all inclusive“ Package. You are also welcome to use our storage boxes and facility.

Do i need to bring a pump?

No, we have 2 compressors and all common valve adaptors. If you are still not sure just bring your adaptor piece of your pump.

What about the wind?

Check our link "Weather" in the menu or get the windy app -> Port Ghalib. Windfinder -> Marsa Alam Airport (not 100% precise as it is not at the coast, if it shows north winds you can add around 30% more to their forecast)

When is the best season to come?

We have an all year average of 5 days of wind per week. In winter months it is good to stay min. two weeks. Then you will have around 10 days of wind out of 2 weeks in average. From april to end of november it is windy nearly 6 days per week in average. But as wind is a product by nature you can never tell exactly how it is going to be.

Do we rent foils or waveboards?

No, we are sorry. But you are welcome to bring yours.

Sun protection

It is recommended to bring good sun protection products, as sun glasses, lycras, sunscreen, caps etc.

General travel Info

If you need any further Informations about traveling, flights, politic restrictions or any possible risks, please get in touch with your travel agency, embassy or foreign authority like „Auswärtiges Amt“ etc. We as the Kitecenter do not always know what exactly is happening in your country or what exact rules you have to pay attention on in relation to traveling.

Do you offer wingfoiling?

Unfortunately NO. Due to safety reasons and water depth wingfoiling is not possible at our spot. So please do not bring your own wingfoil equipment either.







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